August 25-29, 2013, Loen, Norway

Organized by the Nordic Trace Element Society (NTES) and Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

The conference starts early morning Monday August 26th and

ends at 12:00 Thursday August 29th


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Objectives and Main Topics

Organising Committee

Registration Fees

Registration Form

Poster Format

How to Reach the Hotel

Weather Forecast for Loen


The Nordic Trace Element Society invites scientists and users of science to this 10th Nordic Conference on Trace and Mineral Elements in Health and Disease. We sincerely hope that you will respond positively to this invitation and call for papers. Please inform your colleagues about this opportunity to share and discuss their recent experiences and to be scientifically updated in typical Norwegian informal surroundings. We look forward to your attendance at and participation in this scientific event.

Objectives and Main Topics of the Conference

The aim of the conference is to be a forum for exchange of ideas and knowledge about recent developments and state-of-the-art knowledge. Placed in typical Norwegian informal settings International, Nordic and Norwegian participants are invited to discuss recent progress in this field. Approximately 100 participants are expected to take part in this event. Proceedings from the conference will be published in an issue of J Trace Elem Med Biol. 

Topics of the Conference

    -         Neurodegenerative Diseases

-         Micronutrients, Oxidative Stress and Ageing

-         Bariatric surgery - minerals and micronutrients

-         Osteoporosis - Trace and Mineral Elements

-         Cancer and Carcinogenesis

-         Cardiovascular diseases

-         Liver and Kidneys - pathophysiology

-         Environmental and Occupational Exposure

-         Cellular Biology

-         Endocrine System and Reproduction

-         Medical Therapeutics and Metal Chelation

-         Measurements and Speciation in Biological Matrices

-         Trace Elements and Developing Countries

    -         Nutrition and Dietary Recommendations

 Organising Committee

Jan Aaseth (Chairman)

President NTES

Nordic Trace Element Society, University of Oslo

Jan Alexander (Vice-Chairman)

Vice-President NTES

Norwegian Institute of Public Health, University of Oslo

Yngvar Thomassen Scientific Secretariat

National Institute of Occupational Health, Norway

Brit Salbu


Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway

Bal Ram Singh

Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway

Trond Peder Flaten

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway


Conference Secretariat

Yngvar Thomassen

National Institute of Occupational Health
P.O. Box 8149 DEP, N-0033 Oslo, Norway
Tel.: +47 23 19 53 20 Fax.: +47 23 19 52 06 

InternationalAdvisery Committee

Ole Andersen, University of Roskilde, Denmark

Georg Alfthan, National Institute for Health, Helsinki, Finland

Michael Aschner, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, USA

Susan Fairweather-Tait, University of East Anglia, United Kingdom

Jeanne Freeland-Graves, University of Texas at Austin, USA

George J Kontoghiorghes, Postgraduate Research Institute, Cyprus

Eiliv Steinnes, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Jonas Tallkvist, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden


Scientific Program and Call for Papers

The conference will comprise three and a half days of oral and poster contributions and discussions. Oral presentations (invited or submitted) will be 30 and 20  minutes duration. At the end of each oral presentation 5 minutes will be reserved for discussion. Poster presentations will be given equal prominence and ample time will be allowed for discussion.

Participants are cordially invited to submit contributions dealing with the conference topics. A one-page abstract must reach Jan Aaseth, the Chairman of the Organising Committee by July 1, 2013.

Instructions for the preparation and submission of the abstract are described in the text of the linked example.

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Poster Format

The size of the poster board is 1000x1200mm. It is important that your audience is able to view the material and make sense of it from a distance of 1.5 to 2 meters. "Less is better". Appropriate materials for mounting posters will be provided.


The working language of the conference is English.


All sessions will be held in the various auditoriums of Hotel Alexandra, N-6868 Loen, Norway, Tel: +47 57 87 50 00, Fax: +47 57 87 50 51

Registration Fees


Before May 27

After May 27

Active Participant



Registered Student



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The registration fee covers attendance to all scientific sessions and one copy of the Programme and Abstract Book. It also includes the cost of morning and afternoon coffee/tea and participation in some of the local social functions. Payment of the registration fee, one night's hotel accommodation (see Accommodation) and social events should be guaranteed by sending in the credit card payment form. The credit card will be charged during the conference. 

 Payment confirmation can be made by all major credit cards using the attached registration form.

Registration forms not accompanied by the appropriate payment confirmation will not be processed. The exchange rates of foreign currency to Norwegian Krone (NOK) are available from Norges Bank.


Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellation must be notified in writing to the secretariat. In case of cancellation, the fee(s) minus 10% handling charge will be refunded, provided that the request for refunding is made before July 8, 2013. No refund of the registration fee and hotel deposit can be made after this date.

If the symposium is cancelled by the organisers, any fees already paid will be refunded. Further recourse is excluded.

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General Conditions

Confirmation of registration will be sent to you when payment confirmation has been registered. Payment for accommodation shall be made at the hotel upon departure.



Hotel rooms have been reserved at the Hotel Alexandra. The Hotel Alexandra in Loen, surrounded by fjords, lakes, glaciers, mountains and waterfalls is one of the most sought after hotels in Norway. We strongly urge you to bring your partner or family.

The cost for lodging including breakfast, lunch and dinner is; 

Single room (per person and day: NOK 1700) and

Twin bedded (per person and day: NOK 1500)


A deposit in the amount of one night's stay in the hotel is required  

Application for accommodation should be made by submitting the registration form before July 1th, 2013. Persons reserving accommodation are themselves liable. In the event that you should be unable to attend you are strongly advised to notify the Secretariat at least one week in advance.

Hotel Alexandra accepts all major credit cards.


Climate and Clothing

On the west coast of Norway the climate in August is pleasant with an average temperature maximum temperature of 20 0C.

Light clothing with a sweater and raincoat for an occasional and rainy evening are recommended. For the excursions, you are advised to bring warm clothing and suitable walking shoes.

Today and next four days weather forecast for Loen.

Hotel Alexandra has an excellent indoor and outdoor swimming pool, so don't forget your swimming suit.

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How to Reach the Hotel Alexandra in Loen

Note: Each participant pays for the transport from the airport to the hotel which is offered by Hotel Alexandra

Please use your local travel agent when booking air tickets from your home country to destinations in Norway. This may give you maximum discounts on the Norwegian domestic flights. For further information concerning local time-tables, fares, etc. please contact your travel agent or the relevant links at this web page.  

Travel routes to Loen:  


Air route via Sandane Airport:

There are dailyWiderøe flights between Oslo/Bergen and Sandane Airport by Dash 8 (50 seats). Sandane Airport is located about 55 km from Loen, approximately 60 minutes by coach. The Hotel Alexandra will arrange your coach service between the airport and the hotel according to your booking arrangements. The price of the hotel shuttle is dependent on number of passengers, please consult the price list. See below for pick-up prices.

Air route viaØrsta-Volda Hovden Airport:

There are dailyWiderøe flights between Oslo/Bergen and Hovden Airport by Dash 8 (50 seats). Hovden Airport is located about 85 km from Loen, approximately 70 minutes by coach. The Hotel Alexandra will arrange your coach service between the airport and the hotel according to your booking arrangements. The price of the hotel shuttle is dependent on number of passengers, please consult the price list.

Air route via Ålesund Airport:

If you prefer to travel by a larger-sized plane (Boeing 737), you must use the Ålesund Airport, Vigra, 140 km from Loen. Travel time by coach from Vigra to Loen is about 3 hours along a route with magnificent scenery. The Hotel Alexandra will arrange your coach service between Vigra Airport and the hotel according to your booking requirements. SAS  and Norwegian operate at Ålesund Airport. The price of the hotel shuttle is dependent on number of passengers, please consult the price list.

By bus:

Nor-Way Bus departures from Oslo daily 10:00 with arrival in Stryn 19:00. You may also use the night bus leaving Oslo 22:30 with arrival 07:00 the next morning. Take a bus or a taxi from Stryn to Hotel Alexandra.

Nor-Way Bus departures from Bergen daily 08:00, 11:40 and 15:10. Travel time to Stryn is approximately 6,5 hours. The bus stops at Hotel Alexandra.

By rail:

From Oslo travel by rail to Otta, and from there take a bus to Loen (200 km further).            

By road:

If you prefer to drive, the journey from Oslo to Loen (470 km) will probably take you 7-8 hours. If delegates share a car, travel costs can be reduced considerably.


Alexandra Hotel Pick-up prices 2013

All prices, one-way, per person, NOK

Back / Forth Sandane Lufthamn, Anda

1 person 

NOK 800,- 

2 persons 

NOK 700,- 

3 persons 

NOK 550,- 

4 persons 

NOK 400,- 

5-15 persons 

NOK 340,- 


Back/ Forth Hovden Lufthamn, Ørsta/ Volda

1 person

NOK 900 

2 persons 

NOK 750 

3 persons 

NOK 650 

4 persons 

NOK 450 

5-15 persons 

NOK 400 


Back / Fourth Ålesund Lufthamn, Vigra:

1 person 

NOK 1300,- 

2 persons 

NOK 1150,-

3 persons 

NOK 950,- 

4 persons 

NOK 850,- 

5-8 persons 

NOK 800 

9-15 persons

NOK 750

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